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My Bio

I have been interested in guns since I was very little, now I have a fair collection, which is growing just as fast as I can afford to expand it providing I can get the further variations to allow me to continue to do so!

My Hobbies

Collecting Firearms, Late 19th century and early 20th century sporting rifles are my main interest. I am also trying to get a Boer collection together, I have the three main type of Boer Mausers. Carbine, Rifle and special sporting or Plezier so now I need the different variations plus the rifles and carbines used by the British. I have a Martini- Enfield AC11 and I will be getting a Lee Mk1 soon I hope, plus i have a Lee sporter built on a Metford Carbine action by BSA which is of the right period and type which could have been used by a British officer. I enjoy Shooting them as well as hunting with them. I enjoy Bird watching and walking J-D my Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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